Hillslopes. Forms and Processes

The geomorphology of the slope was approached in Romania in terms of slope morphology and modeling processes. Systematic of slope processes has focused numerous preoccupations from geologists and geomorphologists, then continued by the field experimental studies.

Such studies were performed in the area of Flysch Carpathians, the SubCarpathians, Plateau of Transylvania, Moldavian Plateau or Western Hills.

Between slope processes, mass movement mainly drew attention. These are viewed in terms of the agents, processes and results forms and their spatial distribution. The study also concern the way in which the transfer of materials between hillsides and rivers to highlight their typology and development trends. Control factors, preparatory and triggers are also analyzed by their temporal and spatial distribution.

Evaluation of susceptibility to different slope processes represents research method that allows defining the probability of occurrence in space (where?) of some random processes with great potential (slides, flows or falls etc.). The method is based on inventory of perimeters affected by these processes and their use in the statistical, deterministic or probabilistic analyses (quantitative analysis). It also relies on expert judgment for the delimitation of areas that present a lower or a higher potential to be affected in the future by these processes (qualitative analysis).