Hazards and Geomorphological risks

In Romania there are numerous preoccupations regarding the application of the concepts of geomorphological hazard and risk to evaluate the sensitivity of the relief.

The numerous works have appeared with the 90s, the decade of international natural disasters. Approaching the problems related to geomorphological hazards was done by involving applied geomorphology. Geomorphological hazards most commonly cited are: soil erosion, mass movements, fluvial erosion, coastal erosion.

In this general context studies were taken into account:

Hazard evaluation at different slope processes

By completing landslide susceptibility assessment with information concerning triggering factors, triggering thresholds and their recurrence interval or frequency-magnitude relationship, it leads to a proper understanding of the spatial and temporal probability of landslide occurrence.

Risk evaluation at different slope processes

Risk studies are aiming at a high accuracy assessment of the potential threat that such hazards are posing, in order to properly reduce the potential damages. Landslide risk analysis, assessment and management are resulting in a set of adequate politic statements based on which the proper measurements are implemented, a process known as risk governance.