Hazards and risks

Dr. Adrian Cioacă (Professor) DETAILS (RO/EN)
Research interest:  Mass movement processes; geomorphological hazards and risks; regional studies; geomorphosites; geomorphological maps
Dr. Adrian Grozavu (Reader)
Research interest: Geomorphological hazards and risks; assessment and susceptibility to landslides; the impact of land use on the hillslope stability; inventory of landslides in the east of Romania; anthropogenic degradation of environmental quality.
Dr. Ciprian Margarint (Lect. univ.) Mihai Criprian MĂRGĂRINDETAILS (RO/EN)
Research interest: Landslide risk assessment; landslide inventory in the east of Romania; the impact of land use change on the stability of slopes; geomorphometry; remote sensing and GIS.
Dr. Dan Bălteanu (Professor., Member of Romanian Academy) D Balteanu
Research interest: The relationship between geomorphological processes, human activities and environmental changes; land use in hilly regions affected by mass movements; assessment of natural hazards; mudflows and floods budgets in small catchments; geographical study of protected areas.
Dr. Marta Jurchescu (Scientific Researcher) Marta JURCHESCUDETAILS (RO/EN)
Research interest: Landslide inventories based on aerial photographs, historical records and field mapping; susceptibility to landslides at regional scale; statistical and heuristic methods; analysis of relations between landslides and rainfall at different temporal scales using statistical methods; scenarios predicting landslide hazard; importance of scale in susceptibility predicting and landslide hazard.
Dr. Mihai Micu (Cercetator stiintific) Mihai MICUDETAILS (RO/EN)
Research interest: Morphodynamics analysis slope processes; assessing susceptibility to landslides; landslides and frequency-magnitude correlations; landslide hazard assessment; analysis, evaluation and risk management of landslides; landslide age dating
Dr. Nicolae Rădoane (Professor)    
Research interest: Geomorphological mapping, gullies and torrents, small drainage basins, sediment yield and sediment delivery, sediment budget.
Dr. Sandu Boengiu (Professor) Sandu BOENGIUDETAILS (RO/EN)
Research interest: Hillslope processes; paleogeography; geomorphological risks and hazards; general geomorphology; applied geomorphology; Quaternary geography.
Dr. Viorel Ilinca (Scientific Researcher)
Research interest: mass movements; geomorphological hazards; geomorphological and geological mapping; GIS in geomorphology; dendrogeomorphology.
Dr. Virgil Surdeanu (Professor) Surdeanu
Research interest: Mass movement processes; geomorphological processes and geographical space planning; reservoir silting, geomorphological hazards and risks; geomorphosites; dendrogeomorphology
Dr. Zenaida Chiţu (Asist. Univ)
Research interest: Understanding the mechanisms of sliding; knowledge of the relationship between landslides and triggers; spatial and temporal assessment of landslide hazard