Fluvial Geomorphology

Dr. Catalin Canciu (Geography teacher) DETAILS (RO/EN)
Research interest: Danube River (Brăila-Pătlăgeanca): dynamic channel in cross section, evaluating the suspended sediment load, suspended sediment load transport role in modifying the channel, human impact on the channel, bed morphology and dynamics, multiple correlations
Dr. C. Brânduș (Prof.dr.em.) costica BRANDUSDETAILS (RO/EN)
Domenii de cercetare: regional geomorphology, fluvial valleys, fluvial terraces, fluvial piracies, palaeogeomorphology, gravel mining and river channel changes.
Dr. Crina Miclăuș (Reader) Crina MiclăusDETAILS (RO/EN)
Research interest: process sedimentology, depositional systems in space and time, paleogeographic reconstruction, analysis of bounding surface in stratigraphic records, base level control on depositional system stacking, sequence stratigraphy, allocyclic controls on sedimentation, sediment provenance.
Dr. Dan Dumitriu (Reader) Dan DumitriuDETAILS (RO/EN)
Research interest: Techniques for estimanting sediment yield, River channel morphodynamics, sediment budgets, small catchments, river bank dynamics, fluvial deposits, gravel size, petrography and morphometry, Riverbank erosion quantifications, Sediment budget modelling and sediment delivery ratio.
Drd. Delia Robu (student doctorand)
Research interest: fluvial geomorphology, paleochannels, sedimentological lab methods, GIS.
Dr. Maria Rădoane (Professor) maria-radoaneDETAILS (RO/EN)
radoane@usv.ro, mariaradoane@gmail.com    
Research interest: natural vs human interventions on the river channel changes , longitudinal profiles, dams in geomorphology, ice jam phenomenon, channel deposit variability and the bimodality phenomenon, sediment dynamics, fluvial processes in the Late Holocene, gullies – forms, processes and evolution, sediment yield, sediment delivery ratio and sediment budget.
Dr. Floare Grecu (Professor) Floare GRECUDETAILS (RO/EN)
Research interest: Dynamic geomorphology, Fluvial geomorphology, Applied geomorphology, Drainage network development, risks and hazards, Romanian Plain river channels
Dr. Francisca Chiriloaei (Assistant) Francisca CHIRILOAEIDETAILS (RO/EN)
Research interest: braiding channels, river channel geomorphometry, historical evolution of river channels, Implications of riparian vegetation in river channel dynamics, Evolution models of river channel for medium and short time.
Dr. Gabriela Ioana-Toroimac (Assistant) Gabriela Ioana-ToroimacDETAILS (RO/EN)
Research interest: dynamics and typology of natural river channels, channel adjustments to human interventions, floods: from responsible factors to risk management, protection and conservation of fluvial wetlands.
Dr. Ioana Perșoiu (Researcher) DETAILS (RO/EN)
Research interest: Late Quaternary fluvial processes Channel and floodplain behaviour at different time scales (101 – 103 years) Geoarcheology
Dr. Ionuț Cristea (Lecturer) cristea_ionutDETAILS (RO/EN)
Research interest: fluvial valley geomorphometry, river channel geomorphometry, drainage network reconstitution using historical documents, the role of tectonics and geological structure in the drainage network evolution, GIS technics in geomorphology.
Dr. Laura Duțu (Researcher) Laura DUŢU (Tiron Jugaru)DETAILS (RO/EN)
Research interest: Fluvial hydro-sedimentary processes, Human impact on the fluvial systems, Recent fluvial morpho-dynamics changes, Evolution of the meandering systems, Sedimentary analysis, Acoustic technics for liquid and solid flow determination, GIS tools.
Dr. Răzvan Săcrieru (Geography teacher) Răzvan Săcrieru
Research interest: river channel morphodynamics, transversal works effects in landforms dynamics, geoarcheology, reconstruction of Holocene palaeogeography.