Dr. Zenaida CHIȚU
Asistant lecturer, Spiru Haret University, Bucharest

: +40728 219 255
Email: zenaidachitu@yahoo.com

Faculty of Geography, Spiru Haret University, Ion Ghica Street, No. 13, Sector 3, Bucharest







  • Understanding the landslide processes
  • Understanding the relationship between landslides and triggering factors
  • Spatial and Temporal Landslide Hazard Assessment


  • Time Series Analysis



  • Sedimentary Media Modelling Platform for Groundwater Management in Urban Areas, project POS CCE (2010-2013) – member (2010-2011);
  • Spatial and temporal prediction of landslide hazard using GIS. A case study in Subcarpathians between Prahova and Ialomita Valleys, project PN2 –TD-266 (2007-2009) – Principal Investigator
  • Database for analysis, mapping and sustainable management of hazard and risk situations in urban space. Applications in the city Orşova, project AT 147 –CNCS (2006-2007), member


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