Researcher at INC DM ”Grigore Antipa”

: +40788400398
Email: razvan_doru@yahoo.com,

NIMRD, 300 Mamaia Blvd. 900581 Constanta







Coastal Geomorphology

  • Nearshore sandbars morphodynamics on microtidal coasts
  • Beach – dune interactions
  • Nearshore zone hidrodynamics
  • Impact of climate variability on coastal wind regime and coastline dynamics
  • Coastal storms sourge impacts
  • Fluvial – Marine Interactions: Morphodynamics and sediment transport at river mouths

Coastal Protection

  • Coastal hydrodynamics
  • Regional/Local sediment budget and management / wave and sediment transport modeling
  • Beach management & ICZM
  • Coastal constructions/facilities modeling, design and mentainance



  • Participant to Orizont 2000 project: “Interaction between the hydrodynamic phenomena and abiotic component of the coastal ecosystem (Delta – shoreline- sea), monitoring and management methods of the geomorphologic coastal processes – annual national studies” (1998-2000) – member
  • Participant to the “Study on morphological changes of the Romanian Black Sea Coast between Midia – Vama Veche – Monitoring program for Coastal Erosion-National Programme (2000-2005) – member
  • BENA project: “Experimental research regarding sediment transport; method and technologies for protection and rehabilitation of eroded beach of Mamaia Bay”) (2001) – project director
  • BENA-DELTA project “Researches regarding biogeomorphological impact of hydrotechnical constructions for coastal protection implemented to Nãvodari – North Constanta area” (2003) – project director
  • Participant to JICA project: “Baseline Survey for Improvement of the Marine Ecosystem and Coastal Erosion for Protection/Rehabilitation of the Romanian Black Sea Shore” (2005) – member
  • Participant to TASAUL Project “Assessment of anthropogenic impacts on Tasaul Lake, Romania, and ecosystem rehabilitation” financed by Swiss National Foundation (2005-2007) – member
  • Consultant to the Masterplan/work “Study on protection and rehabilitation of the Southern Romanian Shore of the Black Sea “ – financed by J.I.C.A. (2006-2007) – member
  • Partnership for PNII 32164/2008, “Complex system for the application of the remote sensing techniques for environmental quality monitoring and Romanian ICZM implementation support”, Acronym IMAGIS (2008-2011) – Project Director
  • participant to European Projects: SeaSearch (for Marine Data Management) and, since 2007, national coordinator in SeaDataNet (PanEuropean Infrastructure for Ocean & Marine Data) for (2009-2011) and Black Sea Scene (regarding to Black Sea Network) Projects – member
  • Participant to the contributions study regarding “Enviromnetal Assessment of concequences induces in DDBR by the secund phase extension of Ukrainean project <<Danube-Black Sea High Depth Waterway>>”(2009 and 2013) – member
  • Participant to the national study regarding “Development of the National for ICZM and state property domain delineation within coastal zone (2009, 2011) – coordinator
  • Participant to national project, PN “Study of the geomorphological processes mechanisms on short and medium term, under the influence of the coastal zone natural and anthropogenic phenomena” – CEMAR (2005 – 2007 and 2008 – present) – member



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