Researcher at the Institute of Geography of the Romanian Academy (Dept. of Physical Geography)

Phone: +40721483473

Institute of Geography of the Romanian AcademyD. Racoviţă Str., 12 Sector 2, Bucharest







  • Generation of landslide inventories
  • Landslide susceptibility assessments at regional scale
  • Analysis of relations between landslides and precipitation at different temporal scales
  • Assessment of landslide hazard scenarios
  • Scale dependency of landslide susceptibility and hazard assessments


  • Sheet erosion – Regional scale modeling
  • Gully erosion – Gully density / occurrence probability modelling at regional scales


  • Connecting European Connectivity research (CONNECTEUR), network-project, COST Action ES1306, (2014-2018) – Substitute member in the Management Committee
  • Crossing the borders: Geographic and Structural Characteristics of Cross-Border Cooperation in the Danube Region. European Institute for Cross-Border Studies, Esztergom, Hungary (2014-2015) – member
  • Evaluation des risques long-termes liés aux mouvements de masse déclenchés par les séismes dans la région de Vrancea, Roumanie, Romanian Academy WBI & FNRS (2014-2015) – member
  • Global Change Research In The Danube Region (GLOCAD), network-project, BMBF – German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (2014-2015) – member
  • Enabling Climate Information Services for Europe (ECLISE), FP7 project (2011-2014) – member
  • Changing Hydro-meteorological Risks – as Analyzed by a New Generation of young European Scientists (CHANGES), FP 7 Marie Curie ITN project (2011-2014) – member
  • Complex method of constructing a digital geomorphologic map of Romania through GIS/Remote Sensing, support for the implementation of European environmental directives (GEOMORF), Parteneriate II – type of project (2008-2012) – member
  • Comparative study of recent methods used in landslide prediction, CNCSIS PN II-IDEI project (2007-2010) – member
  • Management of the geologic risk associated to natural and/or human induced phenomena within the influence zone of former Uranium exploration and exploitation perimeters, by means of Geographical Information Systems (HAZGIS), CEEX project financed through MENER (2006-2007) – member


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