Departamentul de Geografie, Universitatea de Vest din Timişoara, Bd.V. Pârvan, nr. 4, Timişoara 300223




Research topics

Geomorfometry, Karst, Geographic Information Systems, Remote sensing

  • Digital terrain analysis
  • Automatic relief classification
  • Geomorphological processes modeling
  • Digital geomorphological mapping
  • Analysis of the human impact in the alpine environment
  • Geoarchaelology

Metode si tehnici

  • Quantitative analysis of the geographycal data
  • Spatial analysis
  • Object-Based Image Analysis (OBIA)


Research projects (2005-2012)

  • Grant PN-II-ID-PCE CNCSIS 1075: Methods for digital terrain analysis and automatic classification of the relief in the mountain area based on digital terrain models and remote-sensed data. 393,490 RON (2009 – 2011) – Project coordinator.
  • Grant PN-II-ID-PCCE CNCSIS 32-140: GEOMORF – Complex method for the building of the digital geomorphological map of Romania using GIS/Remote sensing techniques. 170,834 RON (2008 – 2011) – Project coordinator of the UVT team.
  • Contract 8780/2008: The development of the Timis County GIS database, 118,000 RON (2008-2010) – Project coordinator.
  • Grant PN-II-ID-PCE CNCSIS 1066: Creation of the data base and thematic maps for the ski areas in the Southern Carpathians using GIS. Analysis, up to date evaluation and prognosis within the global climatic changes perspective. (2009 – 2011) – member.
  • Grant GISHEO: On-demand Grid services for training and high education in Earth Observation” European Space Agency – PECS Programme. 666,000 EUR (2008-2010) – member.
  • 738/2006–2008 CEEX, MEDALP – The impact of climatic changes upon the Holocen and present dynamics of the alpine environment from the Romanian Carpathians. Implications in the risk management and landscape management. 368,000 lei (2006 – 2008) – member.
  • Grant CNCSIS 946: The study of the risk phenomena in the alpine domain of the Făgăraș and Bucegi Mountains, (2004 – 2006) – member.


Publications (partial listing)

  • Ardelean, F., Dragut, L., Urdea, P., Török – Oance M. What is a glacial cirque on a map? Assessing the differences in mapping glacial cirques; a case study from Țarcu Mountains, Southern Carpathians, Romania. Area (review finished, major revisions).
  • Török – Oance M., Ardelean F., 2012. Object-oriented image analysis for detection of the barren karst areas. A case study: The Central Sector of the Mehedinţi Mountains (Southern Carpathians). Carpathian Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Vol. 7, No. 2, p. 249 – 254.
  • Voiculescu, M., Ardelean, F., Onaca, A., Török – Oance M., 2011. Analysis of snow avalanche potential in Bâlea glacial area – Făgăraș Massif (Southern Carpathians – Romanian Carpathians). Zeitschrift Fur Geomorphologie Volume: 55 Issue: 3, pp. 291-316 DOI: 10.1127/0372-8854/2011/0054.
  • Török – Oance M., Ardelean, F., Voiculescu, M.; Urdea, P. & Onaca, A. L., 2011. Object-Based Terrain Classification as Tool for Improving the Quality of the Digital Geomorphological Maps. A Case Study in Retezat – Godeanu Range (Southern Carpathians), Annals of DAAAM for 2011 & Proceedings of the 22nd International DAAAM Symposium, Published by DAAAM International, Vienna, Austria, pp. 0865-0866.
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  • Török – Oance, M., Ardelean F. & Onaca A., 2009. The Semiautomated Identification of the Planation Surfaces on the Basis of the Digital Terrain Model. Case Study: The Mehedinti Mountains (Southern Carpathians). Geographical Phorum, 8, pp. 5-13.
  • Török – Oance, M., Micle, D., Digital terrain analysis as a tool for the identification of possible areas with rural post – Roman archaeological sites in the S-W Dacia, Annales d’Université Valahia Targoviste, Section d’Archéologie et d’Histoire, Tome XII, Numéro 2, 2010, pp. 139-147.
  • D. Micle, Török – Oance, M., L. Maruia, (2008), The morpho-topographic and cartographic analysis using GIS and Remote Sensing t echniques of the archaeological site Cornesti “Iarcuri”, Timis County, Romania, Proceedings of the 1st International EARSeL (European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories) Workshop, ARACNE, Roma, pp 387-391.
  • Török – Oance, M., M. Voiculescu, F. Vuia, M. Ardelean, Rodica Török – Oance, (2006), Considerations sur la surface et les limites actuelles du domaine alpin du Massif Făgăraş en utilisant la teledetection et SIG. Télédétection, vol. 6, no 3, pp. 205-213.
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