Ioan BâcaPhD. Ioan Bâca
Lecturer at Babeș – Bolyai University, Cluj – Napoca (Faculty of Geography – Faculty of Tourism Geography Bistrița)


Faculty of Tourism Geography, Babeș-Bolyai University, 3 –5 Andrei Mureșanu Street, Bistrița, Bistrița-Năsăud County



Research topics


  • Identification and inventory of geomorphosites (geomorphological heritage)
  • Development of methods for assessing and mapping geomorphosites
  • Anthropic impact on geomorphosites
  • Protection and tourist promotion of geomorphosites
  • Geotourism (educational tourism, geotourist trails, geotourist maps)
  • Geoarchaeosites – identification, assessment, protection and tourist promotion
  • Geodiversity, Geoconservation and Geoparks
  • Geomorphosite management


  • Geomorphological mapping
  • Geoarchaeology
  • Geoarchaeometry
  • Historical geography
  • Impact of the contemporary geomorphological processes on anthropogenic elements
  • Dynamics of geomorphological hazards in anthropogenic areas
  • GIS


Research Projects

  • The Inventory and assessment of geoarchaeosites from Bistrița-Nasaud County-Faculty of Tourism Geography-The County Museum Bistrița-Năsăud; 2012-2014; project manager;
  • The Promotion of Roman Festival Porolissum-Instruments to promote local archaeological sites-Babeș-Bolyai University and The City Hall Zalau; Project No. 8260; 2012-2014; project manager;
  • Geoarcheological reserches on Northern Roman Empire Border between Ciceu Poieni and Zagra (Bistrița-Năsăud County); Project funded by County Council Bistrița-Năsăud; 2015-2016; member;


Publications (BDI – 8)

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  • a, I., (2015), Geodiversity Audit and Action Plan for upper catchment area of Gersa River (Gersa River, Bistrița-Năsăud County, Romania), Revista Geografica Academica, vol. 9, nr. 1, Universidade Federal de Roroaima, Brasil, p.19-31
  • Bâca I., Ștefanescu, L., H., (2014), Inventory and evaluation of geomorphological conditions from Bistrita Ardeleana Gorge for practicing recreational sport activities, Studia UBB, Educatio Artis Gymnasticae, LXI, 1, Cluj-Napoca, P.113-130
  • Bâca, I., (2012), The inventory, evaluation and tourist exploatation of some geosites with archaeological vestiges from Bistrita-Nasaud County. Case study: The Roman`s Road from Bargau Mountains, Geojournal of Tourism and Geosites, vol.9, nr. 1, Oradea, P.52 – 62
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