persoana necunoscutaDr. Dorina Camelia ILIEŞ
Associate Professor


Departament of Geography, Tourism and Territorial Planning, Faculty of Geography, Tourism and Sport, University of Oradea, Universitatii Street, no 1, 410 086, Oradea, Bihor



Research Interest

Geosites. Geomorphosites. Tourism-Geotourism.

  • geosites-geomorphosites research;
  • geosites mapping; geo-tourist environmental maps;
  • natural heritage planning and management for tourism

Methods and technics in geomorphology

  • calitative and qualtitative analyses, geosites-geomorphosites investigation for better valorization for tourismgeomorphological carthography; geosites-geomorphosites mapping

Education Geomorphology

  • couses on General Geology for geographers, Natural heritage management and planning


Reserach Projects (2005-2012)

  • Grant AT CNCSIS cod 15/2004-2005 “Geomorphosites from Apuseni Mountains and its conservation” – director;
  • Grant CNCSIS, PN II IDEI, Cod CNCSIS 667/2008, Contract no. 997/19.01.2009-2011 “Ecological and landscape reintegration of antropic relief generated by the minning activities from Apuseni Mountains and valorification proposals” – director;
  • Project “MULTICULTURAL REGIONS, NATIONAL HERITAGE AND CONTEMPORARY CHALLENGES IN ROMANIAN AND SLOVENIAN SOCIETY”, within “Capacităţi” programme, Modul III, PN II, bilateral project Romania–Slovenia, financed by ANCS, 2009-2010 – director;
  • Project HURO-CBC 0901/091/2.3.1 “JOINT DEVELOPMENT AND INTEGRATED PROMOTION OF THE RURAL THEMATIC TOURISMIN THE BIHOR-HAJDU-BIHAR EUROREGION” in partnership with University of Debrecen, Hungary 2011-2012 – director.

Publications (selective)


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  • Ilieş, Dorina, Camelia, 2012, Tourism Planning and Management for Natural Heritage, University of Gdansk, Institute of Geography-Editura Bernardinum, Gdansk-Pelplin, Poland, ISBN 978-83-7823-128-8 (in print);


  • co-author, 2004, “Riserva Naturale Regionale delle Salse di Nirano”: Carta Turistico- Ambientale. Comune di Fiorano-Assessorato Ambiente, Eliofototecnica Barbieri, Parma, Italia
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