Senior Lecturer at Faculty of Geography University of Bucharest
Head of Sfantu Gheorghe Marine and Fluvial Research Station

Phone: +40723.264.913

Faculty of Geography, University of Bucharest, Bld. N. Balcescu, nr. 1, Sector 4, Bucharest





  • Shoreline evolution and large scale coastal behaviour
  • Holocene evolution of coastal landscape
  • Beach – dune interactions
  • Nearshore sandbar dynamics
  • Marine and fluvial interactions: landform dynamics and sediment transport in the river mouths
  • Coastal storms


  • Permafrost processes
  • Rockwall and scree evolution
  • Physical weathering



  • Aeolian regime and wind power use



  • Storm impact on the romanian Black Sea coast, PN-II-RU-TE-2011-3-0293 project (2012 – 2014) – director
  • Black Sea southern coast – analysis of nearshore and associated morphodynamic, hidrodynamic and sedimentologic processes PN2 PCE 1038/2008 grant (2009 – 2011) – director
  • Development of new products derived from sattelite data suited to user needs in the domain of hidrometeorological risc assessment (RISCASAT), PN II – PARTNERSHIPS nr. 81-037 grant (2007 – 2010) – member
  • The submerged landforms of the Danube Delta coast – Dynamics and sediment circulation investigation, CNCSIS AT 13 GR grant (2007-2008) – director
  • Climatic variability and human interventions impact on the hidrological regime of the Danube and the coastal sedimentary dynamics. (DANUBERES), CEEX nr. X2C20 (2006-2008) grant – member
  • Climate change impact on the Holocene and actual dynamics of the Romanian Carpathians alpine environment. Landscape management and risk assessment implications. (MEDALP), CEEX nr. 738 (2006-2008) grant – member
  • Sfantu Gheorghe distributary mouth bar – Landform dynamics, sediment distribution and water dispersion, CNCSIS grant (2005 – 2006) – director
  • Comparative study of the beach-dune system in the Northern France and the Danube Delta, Brancusi project- PAI (2005-2006) – member
  • Danube Delta evolution, WHOI grant (2003 – 2004) – member
  • Morphodynamic models development for the Danube Delta, CNCSIS TD grant (2003) – project director
  • Cliffed coast dynamics Cape Tuzla – Vama Veche, grant CNCSIS (2002-2004) – member
  • Romanian Black Sea coast atmosphere-sea-land system influences on the evolution of the deltaic and lagoonal shore, CNCSIS grant (1999 – 2001) – member


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