AGR Board

Mihai Micu – PresidentMihai MICUDETAILS (RO/EN) 
communication, financing, young geomorphologists
Maria Rădoanemaria-radoane
Petru UrdeaDETAILS (RO/EN)  
Vicepresident – international relationships
Alfred Vespremeanu-StroeDETAILS (RO/EN)  
Vicepresident – strategies, international relationships, website coodinator and responsible
Dan DumitriuDan DumitriuDETAILS (RO/EN) 
Vicepresident – organizer of NSG 2016
Olimpiu PopOlimpiu Traian POPDETAILS (RO/EN) 
RG Assistant Editor, website maintenance for UBB, Oradea and Valahia Universities
Sandu BoengiuSandu BOENGIUDETAILS (RO/EN) 
Secretary General (Manager Editor of Revista de Geomorfologie)
Francisca ChiriloaeiFrancisca ChiriloaeiDETAILS (RO/EN) 
Treasurer (website maintenance for USV)


Mircea VoiculescuMircea VOICULESCUDETAILS (RO/EN) 
Website maintenance for UVT


Marta JurchescuMarta JURCHESCUDETAILS (RO/EN) 
Website maintenance for Institute of Geography and possible members of other institutions


Nicu CruceruNicolae CruceruDETAILS (RO/EN) 
RG Assistant Editor, website maintenance


Robert Dobrerobert DOBREDETAILS (RO/EN) 
Website maintenance for UB


Ciprian MărgărintMihai Criprian MĂRGĂRINDETAILS (RO/EN) 
Website maintenance for UAIC
Dr. Florin Tătui (CS)DETAILS (RO/EN)
Research interest: Nearshore sandbars morphodynamics, nearshore zone hydrodynamics, impact of climate variability on coasts, coastal storms.
Dr. Mihai Niculita (Lector univ)  Mihai NICULITADETAILS (RO/EN)  
Research interest: General and specific geomorphometry, multivariate analysis in geography, advanced techniques in geomorphology (TLS – Terrestrial Laser Scanning, processing Lidar data)